Gym for “all kids” opens in Loudoun County –

STERLING, Va. – Anjali and Manish Gulati, opened a new gym after years of searching for a place that would cater to the needs of their son who has autism.

We Rock the Spectrum, is a franchise specially designed for kids with sensory processing disorders.

The kids-only gym offers an all-inclusive philosophy with uniquely designed sensory equipment.

“I struggled to find someplace where he could just go and be active and fit in. Fast forward a few years I came across an article for we rock the spectrum,” Anjali Gulati said.

“He seeks heavy sensory input, which means one of his favorite things to do is crash into walls and jump into super high places,” said Caitlyn Boyles when talking about her 7-year old who has autism. “He can get that in the different swings they have here.”

The gym offers open play every day from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. for children up to 13 years old for $14.

Siblings are discounted to $12. For more information about We Rock the Spectrum, click here.

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